A Train View COVER.jpg

A Train View

by Eldad Zitrin

All music written, arranged and performed by Eldad Zitrin

All songs published by Eldad Zitrin Music (AKUM)


Produced by Eldad Zitrin

Executive Producer: Bruno Guez

Additional Production: Leetal Gejbrwoitz Lugassi

Recorded By Shai C. Sivan At “Zitrin Studio, Tel Aviv”

Mixed By Shai C. Sivan at Eclipse Studio

Mastered By Shmulik Daniel at Hook&High Mastering


SECTION Art Credits


Art : Orit Miller

Photography : Dudi Hasson

Music Notation by Yechezkel Raz


SECTION Video’s :


Directed and Edited by Roy Eventov

Cinematography : Itay Gross.

AC : Gleb Volkov.

Styling : Bat-Hen Pur




My Spring

A Train View

That's Who I Am

Green Desert


She Needs You

Lonely Playground

My Child Plays Alone

Walking In Madrid

Lost Winter


Dazed Eyes

20 Years Ago

project Bio :

“A Train View”, A Solo Piano album that contains 12 songs, recorded and filmed in 5 hours documenting mostly my hands performing the songs at Eldad Zitrin’s studio on a 1926 Steinway & Sons Grand piano.

Even though they are tunes, melodies without lyrics I like to call them “songs”,

Some of them are actually “behind the scenes” of a full song. These songs appear in different albums which are realist parallel to the piano album and all together they create a hole peace.

Even for the melodies in “A Train View” that are yet not a part of a song I feel that somewhere along the road they will get a second version and that there will be an interpretation of a song with a new melody and lyrics.

This is my way and my choice, trying to say that a musical creation can be more than you think it is, I like to play with the versions creating a musical world behind each tune, melody or song.

And Still , on “A Train View” I chose to record them stripped down on the piano.

The piano is the center of my heart, the fingers on the keys are my way to the say the truth deep from my heart translating my feelings into melodies.

This is the way that I deal with my emotions, sometimes longing for someone or something, sometimes dedicating a song to one of my children’s or someone close to me that I love, sometimes writing a tune to a city I visited and that I have good memories from or even a lullaby to my childhood playground.

In my opinion, tunes, in contrast to songs with lyrics does not have relevance to a place, their path is pure, it goes from the ears of the listener straight to his heart, and when I give a title to a tune I try to connect the listener to the state of mind I was while writing or starting to write.

Like the title song “A train view”, the main piano line was written in a backstage theater in New-York just little before a show, there was a piano in the room and in front all the musicians surrounding me I just set down and started playing it… Later on I wrote the lead melody and right after that I gave this song hebrew lyrics with totally different interpretation.

I decided on the title “A train view” because as the situation that it was written, without to much thinking about it came out a line that goes on and on… like a train view, that never stops, you see a lot of things, but you can't really see nothing…

Other than filming my hands Roy Eventov, director and film editor for this piano album decided to take a second camera documenting that day.

For “My Spring”, Lead track and actually the 1st song composed for this album Roy edited a video clip that shows the recording process, honestly that was an exciting but yet a very difficult day for me and Roy decided to expose those heard and honest moments through the video creating a short story as a “making of” for the whole album.

Accompanied is a high level transcribed Sheet music book that preserve the recordings performances, and are suited to play from almost beginners level to pro level pianists with improvisation skills.

As the full project will come out, these songs will appear in my “singer-songwriter” album with hebrew lyrics, and in a “world music” album, combining instrumental versions and hosting various top Israeli artists, performed live with 6 musicians, singing in their mother language, proving once again that music is the best language to bring cultures closer.

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