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'Three Old words'


Eldad Zitrin



Eldad Zitrin is a “one man band”, combining his talents as a musician, producer, arranger, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and singer. Whether it’s pop, classical or world music- Eldad Zitrin harmonizes different musical styles and genres into original, groundbreaking compositions. 

For over a decade, Zitrin has collaborated on countless albums and productions with distinguished artists in Israel such as Idan Raichel, Shlomi Shabat, Rita, Arkadi Duchin, Mika Karni and Arik Einstein. Eldad also wrote and composed original scores for Channel One TV series “Where Do You Live”, and co-produced an album for the Alaev family alongside producer Nir Maimon.

In 2011, in partnership with singer Irit Dekel, The Duo created the “Last of Songs” project. The tracks offered new interpretations to familiar jazz songs, infused with a touch of pop, ethnic, classical and electronic music. The duo performed in Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and also at the Tel Aviv Jazz Festival and the Red Sea Jazz Festival. 

Since 2015, Zitrin has translated his success as a producer-arranger into his own artistic ambition and started writing and producing his own music.

Throughout 2016, Eldad began performing with his own music as a “one-man-band”, recording himself live on acoustic and electric instruments, piano, synths, accordion, mandolin, saxophone, drums, vocals, percussion and more, creating his music in layers. 

The idea was to give the audience a different live performing experience, an experience of a studio recording right in front of their eyes. Eldad builds his music in a way that the audience can hear, watch and understand each part of the music separately as it comes together. The songs are created in layers from one instrument line into a full, complete playback which accompanies his voice, live on stage.

At the beginning of 2017, he released his first solo music project. The Double Album consists of one pop/indie album and one classical solo piano album. 

In March 2018 Eldad took part in the new Volkswagen Golf commercial, performing his original song "Three Old Words" live on the back seat of the car while being driven. 

"Three Old Words"- the new EP was released on August 10th, 2018 and is currently played on all platforms. The EP offers new original songs written by Eldad and also cover versions of well-known hits such as HALO (Beyoncé) and Rather Be (Clean Bandit). All songs were recorded and filmed Live in the studio and are being released and broadcasted these days one by one to all Digital platforms.