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'Air for more years'


Eldad Zitrin


2017 marked the release of "Air For More Years", Eldad Zitrin's debut solo project. The album consists of two parts. The first has 11 songs written, performed and arranged by Eldad and co-produced with Nir Maimon (Dudu Tasa, Hayehudim). The second part has 12 instrumental piano compositions accompanied by a score book. Zitrin's " One Man Band" concept, which is featured on his video releases on social media networks such as Facebook and YouTube, gained him more than half a million views and shares in the first few months. Transferring this concept to his live show, Eldad has surrounded himself with an array of pianos, keyboards, acoustic instruments such as saxophone, accordion and mandolin (to name just a few), and electronic instruments, samplers and drum machines. The audience gets to see and hear Eldad layer his musical tracks live, giving a mesmerizing performance of skill and creativity. 


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